Inspection – 5/19/15 – New England Lodge #4

New England Lodge will have it’s annual inspection in the 1st degree today at 7PM. Come early at 6:15 to enjoy dinner before hand.

This year, inspection will be held at Northland Temple on Cleveland Ave. The address is:

Northland Masonic Temple
5885 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43231

We hope to see as many Brethren as we can for a good night of fellowship and work.

New England Launches New Website

New England Lodge #4 is proud to launch the new website. This is an on-going project that will allow us to bring all sorts of information, including social, into one platform for communications.

This site will be maintained by the officers and will ever be changing with new information and media.

Old Lodge Appearance in Columbus Neighborhoods

Over the summer, New England Lodge was honored to help tell the tale of the settlement of Worthington. Brothers volunteered to help portray a scene between  James Kilbourne and the future builder of the lodge, Aurora Buttles. The full episode can be seen on YouTube. Can you tell who the brothers are?

SW Paul Berick Elected WM in Special Election

Our Senior Warden Paul Berick was elected Worshipful Master in a special election and installation on June 4. Notice was sent out to all Master Masons of New England Lodge informing them of the election. The rest of the officer line has moved up and will covering those chairs until our elections in November.

Our immediate Past Master WB Nate Dana has been re-activated and is serving our country in Afghanistan.

WM Nate Dana – Returned to Active Duty

Our sitting Worshipful Master Nate Dana has been activated and will be heading to Afghanistan to serve our country. Our Senior Warden, Paul Berick will be taking over the duties of Master in WB Dana’s absence.

In the next to last meeting that WB Dana presided as Master, New England Lodge held a special One-Day Class for the purpose of Initiating, Passing, and Raising WB Dana’s brother who will also be serving our country in Afghanistan. This One-Day class was given under a special dispensation received from our Grand Master, MWB James F. Easterling Jr.

Please include WB Dana and his brother, Brother Jared Taylor, in your prayers for their safe return from active duty.

Please also give your support to our Senior Warden as he takes on this added responsibility.

Freemason Video from Indiana

This video is from Indiana. There are some differences in Ohio (For instance, we don’t wear wigs!). For Ohio Grand Lodge info, go to

For more information about New England Lodge, send an e-mail to

Attend Lodge, No Questions Asked

Worried about attending Lodge because you haven’t been there for a long time, and maybe can’t remember what to do or say to get into the meeting?

Legislation approved at the annual Grand Lodge session in October makes it easy for any Mason who is in good standing to attend Lodge in Ohio.

In Ohio, all a Mason has to do is to show a current dues card and a picture ID card (like a driver’s license) and he will be allowed to enter the Lodge meeting. Since 2005, the Grand Lodge Code specifically says, “There shall be no requirement for other questioning or memorized proficiency.”

Spread the word to your fellow members, who may fear attending after being away for a number of years. If they have a current dues card and ID, there will be no questions asked.

Leadership Master

Hello Brethren,

Many of you know that a goal of New England Lodge is to provide
leadership training. The Master has asked me to schedule and conduct a
course based on Dr. John Maxwell’s “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of
Leadership.” It is my hope that this course can be started in about a

As a way to introduce some of the leadership concepts in Dr. Maxwell’s
book, I have created what I call “The Lodge Leadership Master” which
is a one-page leadership lesson. I have uploaded the first two issues
in the “file” section of New England’s Google groups. [and they have been duplicated on this website-ed.] I will continue to write and post them. I hope you find them of some value.

Mike Clevenger